Cheap London Escorts Sexy Smoothies

You may not think as smoothies as sexy, but like the girls at London escorts say, there are plenty of things that you can put in a smoothie to make it sexy and help you to increase your libido. “I hate being thought of as a “blonde bimbo” says Lisa from cheap  London escorts. “The truth is that I really know my way round health, and I know that good health does not have to be complicated at all.”

Lisa from London escorts is so right. There are many fruits and vegetables that can be added to smoothies to help you improve your love life. Of course, the girls at London escorts may come across gents complaining about low libidos, and many of them may not have the best of diets. Men in their more senior years are more likely to suffer from a low libido and often feel that they have to resort to things like Viagra. But, is that strictly necessary?

I have to admit that all of my friends at cheap London escorts are pretty healthy. The majority of the girls at London escorts are probably a lot more health aware than the gents that they date. For instance, I know that all of my friends are aware of the health benefits of fruits. The humble banana is one of them. It is super rich in potassium and that is a micro mineral that can both increase your libido, and help you to deal with problems like erectile dysfunction.

Another fruit that is very popular, and that you are beginning to see a lot of in British supermarkets is the colorful papaya. In some countries it is not very expensive at all, but here in the UK, you have to be prepared to pay a bit extra. Most of the girls at cheap London escorts seem to be happy to do that, and speaking to them,it seems that London escorts are aware of the health benefits of papaya. It is the ideal fruit to add to a smoothie if you are looking for extra energy. And let’s face it, good sex is all about energy. Another energy giving fruit are apples. There are many different varieties and some of them like Pink Lady, are packed with anti-oxdants which are vital when it comes to energy in the bedroom and increasing your all over health. Above all, variety is the key to the perfect sexy smoothie recipe.

The best way if you like to improve your sex life the natural way, is to look out for colorful fruits. Fruits like blackberries, blueberries and raspberries can really rock your world when you are looking to increase your sexual energy. Don’t forget that you can add supplements to smoothies as well. One of the best supplements to go for is Maca, but you may want to check out ground linseed as well. Both are packed with vitamin B, and there is nothing like vitamin B to go boost those sensual nerve connections.

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